Liaison Services
Better relationships equal better results.

Policy Development and Strategic Planning

We work with industry, government and community to develop policies, strategies and tactics that result in better relationships.

Community and Industry Engagement

We can help:
  • Aboriginal communities to develop plans to effectively respond to industry development proposals
  • companies to reach out to their neighbours to promote discussion of their projects and business interests

Staff and Team Development

We can help:
  • get your team ready to communicate effectively with your neighbours
  • subject matter experts to communicate their expertise into everyday language
  • young Aboriginal professionals to prepare them for entry and advancement in the business world

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Front Office to the Field
We are equally comfortable working in the corporate head-office and in the field.

We have worked for multi-national corporations as well as small, business teams.

We believe that the best way to gain insight into the issues and opinions of communities is to spend time in their communities.