Project Support
Manage risk and keep your project on track with an effective stakeholder engagement strategy.

Elements of the Strategic Planning Process

A six-step process to developing your engagement plan:
  • develop a clear understanding of your broader business plans and values
  • confirm or develop your business case for stakeholder relations
  • collaborate with your team to develop your engagement strategy and tactical plans
  • participate in the implementation of the plan
  • audit, assess and amend the plan
  • transfer core skills for stakeholder engagement to the project team

Tactical Support

We can support your engagement plan:
  • create an on-the-ground presence as your project representative
  • develop communication products for stakeholder engagement
  • guide your technical team through the engagement program

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A Business Approach
Risk management is the foundation of our stakeholder engagement support.
A business-based approach results in a plan that is specific, measurable, achievable, reliable for decision-making, and timely (SMART).

We have experience working with diverse teams of technical specialists and senior executives to effectively plan and execute an engagement strategy that is consistent with your broader business plans and values.